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We are passionate about IT, and we pride ourselves in offering high quality, well thought out solutions tailored to meet your needs.


An integral feature of our services is the appreciation of our clients' objectives and the establishment of a robust working relationship based on trust, mutual respect and understanding.

Custom Software Development

Specialized software development service to swiftly and efficiently implement bespoke application

Many Services and Solutions are offered by Andromega

IT Consulting

We provide impartial and unbiased information technology solution services to satisfy customer needs and accomplish customer goals.

Network Infrastructure

We offer services to construct the infrastructure of your organizational network, which will have an impact on every facet of your business.

Software Development

Andromega offers specialized software development services to implement highly customized software quickly and effectively.

Video Explainer

We create videos to promote the products you are currently selling as well as various information about your business or organization.

Graphic Design & UI/UX

Make a positive first impression on your customers, don't let poor design or unclear layouts force them to turn to competition.

Website Development

Our web development specialists have plenty of knowledge and are quick to fix any issues you may be having with your website.

We offer premium product to meet your demands.

ERP System Enterprise Resource Planning System is a management software

That is developed to manage the business and all the concerned resources within the business domain. It is an integration off multiples modules that allow an organization to use a system of integrated applications.

MegaLink Andromega megalink Offers the Quality Internet Service You Need.

Stable Internet Packages at Affordable Prices in Indonesia. Access maximum streaming with clear and uninterrupted quality with family members. Play online games, stream videos, use home internet.